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The School of Media+Design offers dynamic programs that span all aspects of media, communication and design. Our programs provide you with the knowledge and skill sets needed for today’s exciting and growing career markets. You could become an eSports announcer, interactive designer, podcaster, community relations specialist, eRetail visual designer, home stager, multimedia editor or camera operator, 3D animator, graphic designer, media coordinator, social media analyst, broadcast sales representative, motion graphic artist, fact checker, event marketing specialist… and many more.

The world needs creative professionals.
Find your passion. Find your career. At Conestoga’s School of Media+Design.

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The School of Media+Design provides a mix of learning experiences to prepare you for your career. A blend of projects, assignments, field trips, guest speakers, collaborations with other students and outside organizations, provide hands-on, real-life experiences and opportunities to practice on professional equipment and software. Our diploma and graduate certificate programs include field placements and our degree programs offer co-op work terms in the upper years of study.

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Bachelor of Design

The Bachelor of Design is a four-year degree in graphic design with a complement of courses in entrepreneurship, marketing, and management. The program will ensure graduates have both the creative and visual acuity...
Learn more about Bachelor of Design

Bachelor of Public Relations

Conestoga's Bachelor of Public Relations degree was the first to be approved in Ontario and the fourth of its kind in Canada. Public relations is the management of communication between an organization and its public...
Learn more about Bachelor of Public Relations

Broadcast - Radio

Our exciting two-year Radio Broadcasting program produces graduates that may find careers across Canada, as announcers, news anchors and reporters, commercial writers, audio producers, social media and...
Learn more about Radio Broadcasting

Broadcasting - Television and Independent Production

Conestoga's Broadcasting - Television and Independent Production program recognizes the increasing importance of independent production in video content creation while maintaining the high quality...
Learn more about Broadcasting

Design Foundations

Design Foundations is an intensive one-year certificate program that is intended for students who are interested in exploring a career in applied design and communications. This foundation year provides an opportunity...
Learn more about Design Foundations

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design advanced diploma program has an exceptional reputation for graduating talented designers and is recognized as one of the top design programs in the province. Industry professionals consistently acknowledge...
Learn more about Graphic Design

Integrated Marketing Communications

Graduates of the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program will deal with the needs of business organizations to develop and execute integrated marketing communication plans...
Learn more about Integrated Marketing Communications


The Journalism program allows students to develop multimedia skills that are used in digital news reporting and storytelling across all media platforms. The first year of the Journalism program emphasizes the fundamentals of news writing, research...
Learn more about Journalism


Think you can’t
have a successful career
in Media, Art or Design?
Think Again

You could be a:

Augmented Reality Designer, Avatar Designer, Drone Experience Designer, Interaction Designer, Design Manager, Simulation Designer, 3D Designer, 3D Animator, Vlogger, Social Media Manager, Sound Architect, Space Planner, Creative Ninja, Shoutcaster, Staging Designer, Podcaster, Design Sales, Style Director, Media Coordinator, e-Retail Visual Designer, Video Content Producer, Cross Platform Marketer, User Experience Designer, Communications Strategest, Radio Host, Film/Video Editor, 3D Art Ninja, Marketing Specialist, Advertising Coordinator, Communications Specialist, Brand/Marketing Manager, Social Media Strategist, Journalist, Community Relations Coordinator, Animator, 3D Artist , Animation Designer, Multimedia Designer, Digital Marketing Ninja, Audience Marketing Rockstar, Digital Strategist, SEO Lead Guru, Graphic Designer, Media & Communications Ninja, Copy Writer, Camera Operator, Photographer, Freelance Writer, Communications Officer, Writer/Editor, Photo-Stylist, Producer/Director, Brand Champion, Search/Social Media Optimiser, Client Engagement Manager, Social Media Analyst, Social Media MonitoR, Engagement Coordinator, Community Experience Manager, Digital Imaging Technician, Motion Graphics Artist, Media Remixer, Multimedia Editor, Multimedia Producer, Content Marketing Manager, SEO Manager, Creative Marketing Specialist, Insights Analyst, Crowd Funding Specialist, Online Relationship Manager, User-Generated Content Manager, Growth Manager, Freelance Relationship Officer, Marketing Technologist, Gesture Writer, Gamification Designer, UX Designer, Interaction Designer, UI Artist, Fact Checker, Content Writer, Community Content Editor, Engagement Editor, News Assistant, Planning Editor, Podcast Producer, Audio Production Coordinator, Streaming Content Coordinator, Special Event Coordinator, Tradeshow Booth Designer, Video Recording Technician, Commercial Artist, Illustrator, Event Marketing Specialist, Marketing Associate, Art Director, Media Relations Coordinator, Audio Recording Technician, Analytics Manager, Multi-Media Specialist, Brand Ambassador, Broadcast Sales Representative

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Pathways to Success

If you are still just considering whether a future in media or design is for you, one of our Foundations Programs may be the right choice. The one-year Design Foundations and one-year Media Foundations programs introduce you to all that the fields of media or design have to offer.

At Conestoga, you can start from where you are now, and go as far as your dreams, your talent, and your determination will take you.

View School of Media+Design Pathways

Advertising and Marketing Communications: pathway to Bachelor of Public Relations.

Animation: new program. Pathways to be determined.

Bachelor of Design (Honours): pathways to Master’s programs via other postsecondary institutions

Broadcast – Radio: pathways to Bachelor’s programs via other postsecondary institutions

Broadcasting – Television and Independent Production: pathways to Bachelor’s programs via other postsecondary institutions

Design Foundations: pathway into programs leading to careers in the design and communication fields, particularly Advertising and Marketing Communications, Bachelor of Design (Honours), and Graphic Design.

Graphic Design: pathway to Bachelor of Design.

Interactive Media Management – Interaction Design: entrance into this graduate certificate program granted with completion of a diploma or degree in graphic design, web design, interactive design, broadcast media/technologies, computer programming, computer science or engineering programs.

Interior Decorating: pathway to Visual Merchandising Arts; both 2yr diplomas can be completed in three years.

Journalism: pathway to Bachelor of Public Relations.

Media Foundations: pathway into programs leading to careers in the media and communication fields, particularly Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours), Broadcast Radio, Broadcasting – Television and Independent Production, and Journalism.

Visual Merchandising Arts: pathway to Interior Decorating; both 2yr diplomas can be completed in three years.

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Our first-class facilities and reputation make the School of Media+Design an excellent choice for your education. Our facilities include flexible learning spaces supporting Macs or PCs or BYOD (bring your own device), design studios, photography studios, and broadcast studios.

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Our media programs will deal with the needs of business organizations to develop and execute collateral that informs, motivates, and gains support from their publics and contribute to corporate marketing objectives.

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We have an exceptional reputation for graduating talented designers and have some of the top design programs in the province. Industry professionals consistently acknowledge the excellence of Conestoga's design students for their creative and practical design skills.

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Explore Broadcasting

Our exciting programs produce graduates that may find careers across Canada, as announcers, news anchors and reporters, commercial writers, audio producers, social media and promotion professionals, marketing and sales representatives, online hosts, podcasters, bloggers and digital media entrepreneurs.

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Featured Student Work

Featured Students


Rebecca Quinton

Design Foundations

Design foundations allowed me to explore a variety of opportunities that were available in the creative field. I was able to find my true passion, and build a competitive portfolio that helped me pursue the next steps in becoming a successful designer.


Bruno Sibella

Broadcast Television

I have five years experience working for a Television network in Brazil. I came to Canada to explore new and emerging technologies / techniques in this exciting field. The program has showed me how to produce quality content that will allow for future employment in the field.


Brett McNeil

Advertising & Marketing Communications

My two years in the Advertising & Marketing Communications program were incredible. The program perfectly intertwines business and design so that I understand the importance and key elements of both and how they directly communicate with each other. The instructors in the program want to see you succeed and really take the time to help you reach the heights that you aim for.

Emulating the Real World of Work

We rely on our many links with industry to keep us current. We have Program Advisory Committees that meet twice per year to provide advice on workforce trends, curriculum relevance, and student and graduate success. Many of our programs provide opportunities to work with real clients on projects. Our studios provide learning environments that replicate real world environments and students in media programs work on radio stations (CJIQ and Q2), television (Conestoga Connected and Spoke TV), or on the news (Spoke and Spoke Online).

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